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    Stacking DNP with Var

    As I research Var I see it's helpful to reduce belly fat, and preserve muscle while in caloric deficit. I wonder if what would happen if DNP was stacked with Var? I realize DNP mostly preserves muscle but still, would it provide any benefit?
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    What method/s do you use to track your fitness progress and nutrition?

    Or just use the spreadsheet, period. I like Google Sheets. Access it from anywhere.
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    Clomid on TRT

    Years ago I went to men's health center associated with a very reputable hospital and the labs said my test was low. The Dr. prescribed Clomid as opposed to test because he felt that, at least in the nerm, it would stimulate my testicals to generate test. That actually worked, for a while. My...
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    Ab Roller

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    What method/s do you use to track your fitness progress and nutrition?

    But of course. On the plus side, AWS does have a PSQL offering.
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    What method/s do you use to track your fitness progress and nutrition?

    I'll under bid at $195 / hour! Or @Human_Backhoe and I can team up and bill you at a flat rate of $275 / man hour. If you want to deploy it in a public cloud (and you should) make it $375 / man hr.
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    Var and Aleve

    Oh I only take the Aleve as needed.
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    Var and Aleve

    Great replies guys thanks very much. I had asked a Dr. about the Var a few months ago and he said it was fine but don't drink since it's hard on the liver. I know Aleve is also, that's why I asked. I'm pretty healthy, looks like I don't need to worry.
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    Var and Aleve

    Yeah, maybe a few beers but that was it. Okay occasionally vodka. But this was not me.
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    Var and Aleve

    I know boat Var and Aleve impact the liver, is it safe to take both?
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    Loose skin after weight loss

    A friend of mine lost a pile of weight, like 130 pounds, and got surgery for the skin. They cut him at his waist all across the front, stretched the skin down, sewed him up, mne a new navel. He said the recovery was horrid, that he couldn't even wipe his ass. This was years ago, he is now bigger...
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    Big thanks to all you Vet's on 911

    And like most, I would put it back on despite the miserable civilian leadership. It's not about them, it's about the guys you are in with, and the good you do along the way.
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    Trans Gender athletes and the future of sport.

    *sigh* Almost makes me miss gymrat.
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    Starting to shop for provider - had first chat with Defy

    I'm pretty happy with TRT Nation. I do like the Doctor, he is always available, answers all my questions and never pushes anything. All their costs are on their website.