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  1. dk8594

    Dexa scan

    DK’s public service announcement I got a dexa scan for the first time today and would recommend it to those who haven’t done one in the past. The BF is interesting, but more telling perhaps is it tells you the amount muscle mass in each of your limbs and helps highlight any asymmetries you may...
  2. dk8594

    Joined a new gym (planet fitness)

    So I joined a new gym called planet fitness (pronounced pfffff). I like it because it I like it’s colors and that fact that they don’t have any barbells that I could hurt myself with. They also are quick to offer encouraging works and like to remind me that I belong and I am accepted. The...
  3. dk8594

    Should I take it?

    Random pill found on the gym floor. What’s the worst that could happen?
  4. dk8594

    Full range of motion. Why?

    Those who were in the game in the 90’s might remember the ads and introduction of Power Factor Training. They used Paul Demayo as their spokes person and it was an overly complicated system that required a stop watch and mathematics. One of the aspects of it was the exclusive use of partial...
  5. dk8594

    Kelvin returns?

    For those who were here for Kelvin, he is going to be delivering my groceries in 9 mins. Guess he finally got a car. I will let you know if he still has small hands
  6. dk8594

    Fat burning and insulin

    Interesting video regarding fat burning and insulin that helps explain why intermittent fasting has become popular and adds a hormonal perspective to the “eat less, move more” school of weight loss.
  7. dk8594

    Mainstream podcast addresses DNP

    Stumbled across the One Click podcast, which has dedicated its first season to DNP. So far have listened to the first couple of episodes, which explore the history of it from WWI munitions use, to prescription medication, to its ban, and then it’s introduction to BB by Duchanie in his MM2000...
  8. dk8594

    John meadows seminar

    A wealth of information from fat loss to work out programming covered in these that he could charge some serious $$ for Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
  9. dk8594

    2021: Ugbb gets pool ready

    I am going to do a Summer cut from 3/29 to 6/2 If anyone else wants to get ready for summer let’s do it. Sometimes having someone going through the same sh&t makes dieting a little less sh&tty. A couple of things: - Be as enhanced as you want to be. - This isn’t about competition. It’s...
  10. dk8594

    Feeling like a fatty?

    Too ridiculous not to post . Warning: contain orlistat lol
  11. dk8594

    Shbg too low?

    Anyone know the effects of having low shbg other than it making sex hormones more “available” My last two blood tests have showed me being lower than normal and I can’t find much literature on it that isn’t geared towards females. On the surface more free T sounds great if I am managing my...
  12. dk8594

    Anyone know theory behind TENS

    Anyone know the theory behind TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation)? My wife bought one and I tried it out. Basically it used an electric pulse to cause a muscle spasm. The literature I have found on it claims that it relieves pain by relaxing muscles around the nerves. My...
  13. dk8594

    Dorian Yates at 23

    Dorian at 212 lbs when he was 23.
  14. dk8594

    At home workout ideas

    Found this this morning and thought I would share. Darebee is a not for profit group that has compiled a sh$t of at home workouts and exercises for those with limited equipment. It’s ad free, easy to navigate, and may be useful for those of you who can’t to a gym
  15. dk8594

    Weider Principles - the fundamentals never change

    I have the week off and have been have been doing research on various topics. It's funny, a lot of the "cutting edge" research is confirmation of the original Weider Principles. First found them in the 90s and they put a framework to my training. (not sure these are the original as they...
  16. dk8594

    Mechanisms of hypertrophy

    Gang, Found this today and thought I would share. Puts names to the different paths to hypertrophy and describes what programming takes you down which path. -Long rest periods vs short -Fast reps vs slow -Whole body workouts vs muscle specific -New muscle fibers vs enlarging new ones. It...
  17. dk8594

    Ear Infections

    I figure any of you with children might have some insights into ear infection so I have a question for you. I woke up this morning with what feels like an ear infection ( swimmer's ear, pain when blowing my nose, etc.) What has me a little stump is that I just finished up a course of...
  18. dk8594

    Infection vs pip

    Those of us who pin for trt pin enough that odds are pretty good that at some point w’ll have either excruciating pip or an infection. I have this beautiful infection on my thigh at the moment so I will list the ways infections are different than run of the mill pip. - Both hurt the day after...
  19. dk8594

    Saliva Kits for testosterone testing

    Looked a little pricey, but has anyone used those saliva tests kits you can get at CVS to test their testosterone? I am wondering if they are a viable option for those who live in states that don’t allow private blood work.
  20. dk8594

    Female Bodybuilding Circa 1984

    Hard to believe that in 84 if question was being asked if Gladys Portugues was too muscular. I always appreciated her physique, but don't even think she'd place in an amateur show now a days. Side Note: I don't remember Brian Moss, but look at that hair!