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  1. Badleroybrown

    Gh help

    I have a budy of mine. Yes a buddy it is not me, who ordered a few bottles of test from the kigtropine site.he has ordered from them multiple times. He order some test this time and received his pack. There was no test in the pack but there was 60 vials of kigtropin gh. When he told me I said...
  2. Badleroybrown

    Badleroybrown’s Chemical Experiment.

    Ok I want to start off by saying this is a personal experiment. After running high dose cycles for years(with awesome results) at least for me, I decided to try something different. We read all over on every forum how these ultra high dosage cycles are being done and then when you see the...
  3. Badleroybrown

    Family day at the gym

    So today is going to be the first family day at the gym.. I have gone with my wife occasionally and my one younger daughter. She is 13. She really wants to start with the weights. I am excited to get her started but she has to get over the anxiety of feeling like she is being watched. At 13 I...
  4. Badleroybrown

    Wife’s and AAS

    Brothers in Iron, how many of you guys are in this same situation as me. I’ve been with my wife 28 years this coming nov. we have had our ups and down and we have always had each others back no matter what. “Ride or Die”. Anyway been cycling for a very long time and even though she has not...
  5. Badleroybrown

    Defying The Corona Virus Recommendations..

    let me first start off by saying the Corona Virus has been one of the most devastating things to happen to the our country and every country around the world. My heart and prayers goes out to all of the people who have lost loved ones. It should not have happened.. So this is my experience with...
  6. Badleroybrown

    Knock Knock Knock!!

    Thanks for opening the door and letting me in.. I spent 3 hrs after I gained access to this board reading thru threads. And decided that I would stay around for a while. I am 45 years young. 6’ and float any where between 250-272/3 pounds. I don’t care about being ripped. With daughters and a...