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  1. Gibsonator

    Gibz recovery log

    Most of you guys know but I know there's a lot of new members since I posted last... back went out mid last year prepping for a pl meet, then totally took a shit 12/30/20. Got a spinal fusion in late May to replace the L3/L4. Fast forward post surgery and pt, back is worse. Been able to modify...
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    Louie Simmons & Julius Maddox Q&A

    Good watch...
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    Will Da Beast

    Let's get some traction and followers to this kids channel, I have a great time watching his interviews, he's had on Fouad, Feroce, Bumstead, and many more. I like what he's doin. This one was great with Dust and Ron...
  4. Gibsonator

    Worlds Ultimate Strongman 2021

    If this post doesn't get 10 likes I'm out. I can't believe this shit went down live and free and not a single person on this site has commented or posted anything about it. Like wtf. Here it is, keep in mind it was a live feed never done before so ff between events...
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    Olympia 2020

    Not 1 fukking thread or conversation here about the 2020 Olympia SMH. This is a bodybuilding forumn am i wrong? Seriously wtf. Ramy not only won peoples champ but the whole show for any that care. Brandon 2nd, Phil 3rd. Chris killed it for classic physique again.
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    Training styles

    This could help some guys, I personally train exactly like Fouad states in the video, he lays out a good understanding but I agree on the more warmup sets...
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    K so one of the hugest things on my bucket list since I met my wife was to **** her in the gym. Most of you know I built my own garage gym.a few months back.... Well today was the day! Had the garage barely cracked open, blower going, heavy metal on the Bluetooth speaker, adjustable bench set...
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    Ben Chow

    Luke Sandoe's training partner. Cool insight on his last prep. Dude is 6'1. What trips me out is his look from in the gym to on stage. Especially his legs. Dude's ig name is @squatlikechow for a reason, he can handle some serious wright for reps. Anyways, cool watch of ur into this stuff...
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    Wsm 2020

    Will post links on the updates for the heats and finals as I find them. Day 1 heats got pushed today and to an inside venue do to the weather in Florida so here's a recap;
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    The Shed

    Super stoked James pulled the W in Spain, hopefully travel restrictions don't keep him from the Olympia, if they do he's automatically qualified for the 2021 show. James is a good dude, this video showcases it very well...
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    Europe's Strongest Man 2020

    Eddie just put out 2 good videos covering the competition... Day 1: Day 2:
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    The Rock

    I am officially renouncing my fan boy status for Dwayne Johnson. 1st the bullshit covid video, then the Biden endorsement, not he's selling $35 under armour face shields. I'm done. Dude has completely sold out.
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    Gibz cut log

    Start it here. 285lbs of pure beefcake Most you know just had a bad back injury so switching back to my normal bodybuilding/powerbuilding routine going forward. Hoping to end the cut somewhere above 260 but gonna use the mirror as my guidance not the scale. Plan is 20 weeks. Starts Monday...
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    Killer interview with Jordan Peters

    If you guys aren't following Fouad, man he has some great guests and interviews. They are lengthy, sometimes I have to chop it up into 3 listening sessions. Yea yea I know I'm training for pl meet but yall know I'm a big fan of bodybuilding.
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    Pussifying the Military, great.

    Wtf is this bullshit?
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    Interesting new piece of equipment

    This ad popped up in my Facebook, pretty crazy piece of equiptment...
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    For anyone that's dieting

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    Truck lift

    want to lift the new Silverado and get the muffler replaced, lil scouring the web this is what i came up with for this, would like ur feedback on it or better options around the same price, thanks! Lift...