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    Effects of certain foods/herbs on Tamoxifen (nolva)

    I know. I guess I just worded my reply funky by calling it different names in the same sentence.
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    Effects of certain foods/herbs on Tamoxifen (nolva)

    No I just meant that taking those things alongside tamoxifen will alter the effects of the drug
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    Effects of certain foods/herbs on Tamoxifen (nolva)

    Yes I believe you would be best to cease using those herbs and fruit while using Tamoxifen. The Nolva would likely still work some if used in conjunction with the other stuff but I believe it will limit the effectiveness.
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    The Live Picture Thread

    Found an adult Hellbender at my place last year. Also another large salamander that appeared to be kind rare IIRC. I’m sure I have pics somewhere. You seem to be into amphibians so you may appreciate that.
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    Semaglutide Oral vs Injection

    I don’t recall if you said what brand or grade Sema you are using? Reason I ask is because on another forum there’s a lot of talk of how many of these UGL sources and peptide places are selling underdosed stuff. A few were significantly underdosed. I read that the script drug is really...
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    Semaglutide Oral vs Injection

    last Tuesday was the start of week 2 for me. 500mcg. I take it fasted first thing AM and It makes me feel like garbage for almost 2 days. I’m wondering if splitting the dosage to twice a week will help. on a related note, I’m getting shredded fast. I’ve never eaten so little food in my entire...
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    Deck pics

    Looks bigger too with no bush around it
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    25 and starting TRT

    Wow that’s really interesting. Well, regardless of how you got there you won’t be there long! Onto bigger and better things for you soon
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    25 and starting TRT

    You’re going to feel fantastic again soon. Like a new man. Your stamina is about to skyrocket. Enjoy the ride. Only reason i see you should wait about a year before adding fun compounds is to see exactly how you respond to testosterone of different amounts. what do you attribute your...
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    Tren e vs Tren a

    Idk and really don’t care. Works great. I actually made my own last time mixing all 3 into a sterile vial. So pretty sure that one was properly labeled as 3 esters
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    Tren e vs Tren a

    I said lovely. But if you like magic that’s fine too.
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    Tren e vs Tren a

    Tri-Tren FTW. Get the best and worst of all the lovely tren esters. I don’t get sides much from Enanthate. I do from Ace but I also get more of the positive things I like from tren. I got virtually zero negative sides from Parabolan.
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    Lifting/Running shoes

    These are the best training shoes I’ve found. I run in them too. 4mm drop from heel to toe is perfect. And these are great for us with wide feet. I have 2 different pairs and I plan to get more.
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    How do you guys Prep your Chicken Breasts?

    I’ve been buying those Factor meals delivered. They are delicious
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    What's your MUST have in your toolbox

    - enough Test cyp to last 15 years - test and tren base/suspension for sexy time - nolva - clomid - enclomiphene - HCG - HGH - AI’s - and a freezer bag of various other compounds
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    Ineptitude of the House and Senate

    It’s not ineptitude. It’s intentional. That bunch is vile and crooked as can be. Almost all of them should be hung in public for their treasonous behavior.
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    Fuck YOU Tren E!

    Nice skirt steak
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    Upgraded my watch

    Came in hoping we were talking about those Garmin fitness watches
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    Would these arms be considered to be a decent size? I know they aren’t massive but I think they look ok.

    Decent size on them. Probably have some nice shape to them if you dropped a decent amount of body fat. 6/10 oh and looks like you got some skis down below. I do too so I’m used to picking them out in pics
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    This sound about right? gonna be first time with DNP

    I believe if you do the math the numbers for max saturation from 1 pill a day will be fully realized between day’s 4&5. That’s why they recommend bumping up on day 5 if you are going up. I try to use the same source each time and hopefully from the same bottle as my last dnp run. If those...