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  1. DocDePanda187123

    Elbow Pain

    I wrap right over the joint Snake. Try it out that way.
  2. DocDePanda187123

    Possibly starting TRT soon

    If he does that you could send him the information regarding the half life and studies showing hypogonadal trough levels 2wks post injection. If he’s open-minded he will listen and adjust accordingly.
  3. DocDePanda187123

    Possibly starting TRT soon

    What time did you give the bloods? Post up the full lab work and get LH/FSH, E2 and maybe prolactin checked also. 75-100mg would be a good starting dose. It’s better titrating up than down regarding drugs so it could take a little trial and error as well as time to get it fully dialed in.
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    Fake Dbol? Could it be Clen? Anyway to know?

    You can send it out for analytical testing to know for sure but that can get expensive.
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    Lean bulk cycle

    E2D is EOD. STABLE levels are overrated.
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    Purple panda labs?

    This lab is not active on this forum. You will need to reach out to him elsewhere with your concerns unfortunately but coming straight from his mouth.... he will not refund HGH orders without proof of bad HGH. Which I assume to mean you will need analytical testing done on it.
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    False grip

    Ppl use the false grip bc it’s easier to get the bar over the forearm without bending the wrist back. Technically, there is t anything wrong with it so long as you don’t lose the bar lolol. I use the thumbs around grip. Always have and always will. edit* and Snake, wrist DOMS is NOT a good...
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    Reintroduction P90X

    Dammit Snake!!! Now I’m coming over and eating all your jerky and sausage
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    The girl and I are planning a trip to Puerto Plata, DR.
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    Dave Palumbo on Masteron, Prolactin & Estrogen

    Sorry Gibsy but that video is full of misinformation. The guy is an idiot trying to pass himself on as something more.
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    Halotestin.....Is it really that bad?

    30mg has me wanting to do ME squats in the warmup area between bench attempts at my meet. At 50mg I’m sure I’d be wanting to masutbrate with 320grit sandpaper and shave with a belt sander....
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    RPE System of Training

    The two types of people who will not do well, unless maybe they’re also being coached by a trained eye, on the RPE system are those who don’t push themselves hard enough and overestimate RPE and those who push too hard and underestimate RPE. It’s like a higher skill, the more you practice the...
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    How much will anadrol increase overall test.

    Looks like you’re safe with the anadrol Testosterone immunoassay Anabolic steroids were well-represented among compounds cross-reacting with the Roche Elecsys Testosterone II immunoassay at a test concentration of 0.1 μg/mL (100 ng/mL) (Table 5; Additional file 1). Seven compounds (boldenone...
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    Newb to this site needing advice for TRT

    What if he’s got only one nut? Kinda like a unicycle????
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    RPE System of Training

    The main benefit of RPE is the auto regulation of volume. Basically it means there’s no set volume for the day. You do what your fitness levels that day allow you to. If you slept like shit, worked a double, having an off day, etc you’ll tire out quicker and volume will be adjusted down. If...
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    pct without hcg?

    Hcgenerate and unleashed are garbage. Nolva ane clomid are what you need. Hcg is beneficial as well.
  17. DocDePanda187123

    First time DNP Log

    What are your body temps at the 500mg dose? if anything, I would reduce the dose back to 250mg and ride it out as long as you can. Even 250mg should give you some fat loss.
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    how to go back on cycle from pct?

    Clomid will raise teeth levels a bit even while on a cycle. It’s not going to be a crazy amount higher though of course.
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    Good Recipe for painless Tren Ace?

    The BA is used to prevent bacteria from growing after it’s already been sterilized.
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    First time DNP Log

    What are these feelings you speak of? All I know is brownies, pop tarts, and 5Guys...