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  1. KingOfAllGorillas

    King Kongs give back promo

    Hey everyone so I decided we are going to donate to st judes- 10% of total revenue generated from this promo plus $1k out of my own pocket. If you want to donate with out purchasing please feel free. Promo ends 9/24 Promo: primo and blends not included as free Free shipping on all orders. $5...
  2. KingOfAllGorillas

    King Kong AUGUST PROMO

    B2G1 all test B3G1 all Decca npp bu Tren $10 off primo and DHB $5 off all pharmaceuticals All orders get 1 free oral (anavar/halo excluded) Orders over $1k get free hgh or 5 free injectable Please ONLY ORDER via email at use promo in the subject line...
  3. KingOfAllGorillas

    Gorilla King Compounds Father's Day Sale

    Sale beginning now and running for the rest of June. You must mention the sale in your order Email. $5 off every oil vial. Also ... Every order gets 1 free test Orders over $300 get 1 free test 1 free oral Orders over $500 get 2 test 2 oral Orders over $1k get 3 test 3 oral or 1 hgh...
  4. KingOfAllGorillas

    [emoji1664] Gorilla King Compounds Testing Thread[emoji1664]

    This thread is for easy access to our most recent testing. Will update as further testing is done. Sent from my SM-A125U using Tapatalk
  5. KingOfAllGorillas

    Silverback May Sale

    Silverback Compounds May Sale. Everything is Buy 3 get 1 free. As always HGH and Anavar are excluded from the Sale. Please email For list or placing orders. Sent from my SM-A125U using Tapatalk
  6. KingOfAllGorillas

    Let's Get Checked

    Hey guys. Has anybody uses Let's Get Checked for a hormone panel? Just curious about how accurate it is so you do it yourself and mail it in for testing? Sent from my SM-A125U using Tapatalk
  7. KingOfAllGorillas

    Silverback Compounds UGBB Promo

    So we decided to run a very special promo for UGBB customers only. I think that you guys will like it and give us a chance. We’re offering $5 off all vials. Each order will receive 1 free Test product of your choosing (prop, E, C or sust) and that’s not it yet. Also 1 free liquid oral of your...
  8. KingOfAllGorillas

    Silverback Compounds Valentines Day Hard On Promo

    This Valentine’s Day give the old lady or various, random women in your love life the gift they deserve. The gift of a good lasting hard on. We’ve battled all year in the gym to prepare the Physique of a Greek God. Time to give them a day they won’t soon forget. Silverback Compounds Valentines...
  9. KingOfAllGorillas


    It wouldn't be Christmas without giving gifts. So our gift to you this year is "SILVERBACK LIKE GAINS". We will be offering : BUY 3 GET 1 FREE ON ALL PRODUCTS. 1 FREE PRODUCT OF YOUR CHOOSING. FREE SHIPPING! (HGH kits and Anavar can not be claimed as the free products) We are implementing...
  10. KingOfAllGorillas

    Gorilla King Compounds

    Introducing Silverback Compounds What’s up everyone?? I’m new to the board. I’m a rep for US domestic source Silverback Compounds. We provide high quality gear. A full line of AAS, GH, select Pharma, liquid orals, PCT and sexual enhancement products. I have 8 years of experience in this game...