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    Automatic Syringe injector

    Whats everyone think of this? I've had a hard time pushing the plunger on a syringe before. This system kinda automates it. Has anyone used one ? Are there other models?
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    🛢 Sesame Oil Tea Seed Oil 🛢

    Anyone ever used Sesame Oil or Tea Seed oil? Was wondering if there is any Plus's to either, or if anyone had any first hand experience
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    🏋️‍♂️ 600 Test / 300 Deca any benefit of adding Mast? If so.. how much? 🏋️‍♂️

    600 Test / 300 Deca any benefit of adding Mast? If so.. how much? I've heard Mast can negate some of the potential negative effects from Deca. True? I don't know! Thats why I'm asking your opinion? Im just looking to bulk up, add strength and size. Any comments appreciated !
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    Just how much of a pain in the neck are syringe filters?

    How long does it take to filter say 100 ml with a 60ml syringe? Someone was telling me it takes 4 hours, and it's a real pain Are syringe filters a pain in the neck? Or not that bad?
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    What steroids do you have to pin the least often?

    Im just using test u now, sooo I don't notice any real difference. I will say, when I switched from Test C to Test U, it eliminated the small amount of acne. I'm guessing because of less fluctuation.
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    What steroids do you have to pin the least often?

    No, I actually like pinning. But.... I'm to lazy to do it, gets rather boring after a while. I just like doing it once a week preferably. I just don't want to mess with Every day, or every other day. At most twice a week, and then only because I can't get it all in one shot. I also hear...
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    What steroids do you have to pin the least often?

    obviously at the top of the list would be Test U Would Deca be next? Which ones only need pinned once a week?
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    Tea Seed oil

    Has anyone ever used it? Is there even a pharmaceutical grade of it available?
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    NYLONE PVDF PTFE syringe filter

    And Is there really a difference between the brands of filters? As long as they are PVDF or PTFE for syringe filters
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    NYLONE PVDF PTFE syringe filter

    Why are some of you preferring PVDF over PTFE? Assuming PTFE is the most inert. Thank you for all your answers!
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    NYLONE PVDF PTFE syringe filter

    Which one should I use for a syringe filter. NYLONE PVDF PTFE I'm just going to be brewing test and deca The PVDF in Whatman seems hard to find in less than a box of 50
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    magnetic stirrer hot plate Recommendations anyone?

    I want to play around with brewing for my own personal use. I see a lot on ebay, for $50 or so. Can anyone make a recommendation? Thankyou
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    Any Brewers here? How small of a batch can you brew?

    Well, I wanted to try different oils, different mix's.
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    Any Brewers here? How small of a batch can you brew?

    Is it hard to brew only 10ML? So you can experiment with different carrier oils, etc
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    What is the root cause of people losing interest in health and fitness as they get older?

    Dude have you ever had a wife or a girlfriend? Some are a fucking pain in the ass, always nagging, bitching, screaming, causing problems. It's hard to get anything done when you have a wife!
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    Bad sleep is there any point in training?

    take about 30 MG of melatonin.... will do wonders
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    Could monogamy lower testosterone?
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    Injection site experimentation

    I use multiple techniques to find it. It's 1/2 between the trochanter and upper illiac. You can mark it that way. You can also take and make a copy of your hand out of cardboard like they show in the video's on how to inject there, and place that over the site to find it. And, if you stand...
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    Any Ammo Reloaders on Here?

    TIP of the day. Find a small ammo company, they allocate primers and powder to them before the public. I acquired some primers that way one other time when there was a "shortage" If you want it bad enough, there is always a way... or a price to be paid
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    Trestolone Decanoate

    Who has it? Every place I look it's out of stock. One company said they quit carrying it because of low quality.