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    Semaglutide and cough

    Hello all. My wife is taking Semaglutide and I have noticed she is getting a cough. From the literature I've reviewed this is a possible side effect. But I can not find anything to determine what to do about it (lower dose, discontinue, ect)? Has anyone experienced this?
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    Once a week injection?

    I think more than 1x week injection is only necessary if you are experiencing side effects. For instance, I was having sore nipples at 1x/week, but swiching to 2 fixed that. YMMV
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    Initial dose

    At the place I go, they seem to start everyone at 150mg/wk. Then adjust from there depending on bloodwork.
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    Will Trt actually effect my confidence?

    It should help untless there is some other underlining cause. I mean you will look better and lifts go up. That would help anyone's confidence.
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    Most important factors for libido in TRT?

    I would try the HCG for awhile at 500IU. I have been on a few weeks and have noticed a difference. Not night and day, but definately better.
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    Stopping TRT for fertility

    That's great to hear. Congratulations. You always read about those protocols and that they should work. But it's good to hear first hand experience!
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    MSN Pharma review

    Wow. Sorry to hear about that, but thanks for sharing your story. Hopefully you saved someone else from losing money too.
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    CPAP - What, Why and How

    I use one. Took me months to get used to it. Even now if I wake up in the middle of the night I can't leave it on and fall back asleep. I do feel it has helped quite a bit though. Without it I can sometimes really snore a lot!
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    How common is a one-time cycle

    I've never heard of anyone just doing one cycle. I think if you did one, you would want to do many more.
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    Females using TRT?

    Keep us updated please. I have been wondering about this for my wife.
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    Libido on testosterone

    Any updates? I fell the 2x week injections have helped but it’s not night and day better but noticeable. I get more blood work in a couple of weeks.
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    TRT and SARMs

    Good info. Thanks guys!
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    Good steroids info sources to recommend?

    Wow. That book is still in print? I had a copy many years ago. Probably an older edition. There also used to be a book called World Anabolic Review that was very good.
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    TRT and SARMs

    From my preliminary research, it appears that SARMs do raise test levels. I would just have to be sure to quit in time for my bloodwork.
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    TRT and SARMs

    Hi all. I was just wondering if I was doing a cycle of SARMs, would it affect my test levels? Should I stop before doing blood work before my TRT follow up?
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    Steroid use for herniated disc?

    I am going to go against some others and suggest that they could help. By increasing your core strength in a more rapid fashion. I’m no expert but it makes sense to me. Why not try some trt or something?
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    Are Students Cheating Using this?

    Do you feel it helps alertness? I'd be willing to try it to help me stay awake on the road. For me caffiene is hit and miss. Sometimes a little will go a long way with me. But if I overuse it, it somehow makes me feel more tired. It never used to in the past, but I've found this to be true...
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    Are Students Cheating Using this?

    Sounds pretty amazing. I'd do a lot of travel (driving) and seems like something like this would help me focus on the road.
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    Libido on testosterone

    The EXACT same thing happened to me. I was on about 150mg/week. About 8 weeks in I felt like I was 18 years old. Then it started decreasing about 12 weeks in to the point where it was at it's lowest ever. My TRT doctor didn't seem too concerned, but I am not sure how much of an expert he...