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  1. Diesel59

    Hailing from

    I'm hailing from Maryland. Not far at all from DC.
  2. Diesel59

    Lipo 6 European version sucks

    Why is the Euro version so weak by comparison? Is that usually the way things are?
  3. Diesel59


    How did everything go?? How mad is your wife after the fact?
  4. Diesel59

    The Great Hall!

    I'm impressed you have a cable pulldown at home. Not many people can say that. How did you manage to get it?
  5. Diesel59

    UGBB Favorite Quotes thread

    I thought that was Tupac Shakur.
  6. Diesel59

    Freaks food thread.. What are you eating?

    Jalapeno and cheese bagel with low fat cream cheese and 99/1 turkey. I can't believe how good this tastes. Also got veggies on deck.
  7. Diesel59

    Post Something That Makes You Laugh

    This gym is playing WAP uncensored...
  8. Diesel59

    My training log

    9/21: Chest Dumbbell Bench Press 12x50s 11x75s 9x75s 7x65s Dumbbell Flys 10x40s 8x40s 8x35s ARSENAL Incline Chest Machine 10x100 5x150 5x120 5x100 10 minutes moderate cardio Previous night's sleep: 6 hours Food for 9/21 2,356 calories 258g carbs 207g protein 47g fats I couldn't get...
  9. Diesel59

    breaking sports news

    @gloomy I wouldn't say he should be fired for this. He played the game, so he would know what jokes are appropriate or not. And I say this as someone who never liked Bart Scott.
  10. Diesel59

    Russian Ukraine War------>Political Shitshow

    Ukraine has now attacked the Russian Naval Base in Crimea: With foreign support for Zelensky starting to falter, will Ukraine try wild attacks like this one more often?
  11. Diesel59

    World News

    China and Syria are developing closer ties. Syrian leader Bashar Al-Assad is currently visiting China in one of his first trips aboard since 2011: Perhaps China can be the ones to most effectively help...
  12. Diesel59

    I’m baaaaack!

    Welcome back to the fold
  13. Diesel59

    Sam Sulek

    The bodybuilding gym I recently signed up at made me consent to "possibly being in people's videos" because it is a social media friendly gym. Along with the loud ass music, it's one of the only things I dislike about an otherwise awesome local gym.
  14. Diesel59

    breaking sports news

    The Diggs brothers are from my area. Even though I'm a Commanders fan, I hate to see him get hurt.
  15. Diesel59

    My training log

    Thanks man, I appreciate it. But at your size I think hitting the gym with 3000 is very impressive. It took me awhile but now my body has adjusted to the lower fat/higher carb lifestyle. Even as I transition to bulking, I think I want to keep fats relatively low. Thanks, I'm looking to coast...
  16. Diesel59

    My training log

    Food for 9/20 (Rest/work day) 2,286 calories 215g carbs 175g protein 71g fats Previous night's sleep: 8.5 hours
  17. Diesel59

    My training log

    9/19: Legs Leg Extensions 12x115 10x145 10x165 Pendulum Squat 10x150 6x170 4x180 5x170 7x150 Seated Calf Raise Machine 15x50 12x90 8x110 7x110 Body Masters Standing Leg Curl Machine (Sides done separately) 9x30 10x25 8x25 Previous night's sleep: 6 hours Night before that: 9.5 hours Food...