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  1. iron-rage66

    Does anybody make their own hair serum.

    shave it off... embarrasing
  2. iron-rage66

    Huge AF in 5 simple steps.

    As a natty (trained natty my 1st 38 years of lifting), I never wanted to gain fat, so I kept it at 500-1000 calories over maintenance (for 30 years). I gained 35 lbs in 30 yrs of lean mass, but most people today arent patient. We had no internet or anabolics anyways in my day (in my area) so we...
  3. iron-rage66

    Most peptides we use now a schedule 2 drug

    Can one of you smarter folks sum up what this means for like BPC-157 for example? I think FDA can outlaw all they want, but like anabolics, will probably still be found in UGL sites, etc?