Am I ready to cycle?

Apr 17, 2022
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This is a popular, normal and easy to answer question.
First off why? Why are you goi.g to use? For sports, for bodybuilding, just to improve your physique?
All and more are good reasons as long as you definitely have three things down first .
You have to know how to train, what works for yourself not another.
You can't use someone else's diet program off season it dieting you have to learn, again, what type of diet works for you everyone is so different.
And you have to be 100% serious about why you are doing can do all this by yourself by trial and error but you'll waste a lot of time

My suggestion is to take some of the money you spend on drugs, protein powder, whatever the new fatigy and she is etc and find yourself a good bodybuilding trainer They call them trainers what they are drug coaches but there's some good ones out there there's also some really f****** unscrupulous ones out there that will do damage to you and don't know what the hell they're doing you got to know how to pick out the good ones from the bad.
The first thing to look for is if your perspective coach that you found gives you a generic diet program for either the off-season or dieting wise run as fast as you can because everybody's different no generic playing can cover everybody if you use that plan most likely it'll be a disaster and by him giving you a generic plan is saying I don't know what the f*** I'm doing I took this half the flex magazine website.
Do your own research so you can ask the guy in-depth questions you already know the answers to. See how he answers if he knows what he's talking about and you ask him a very technical in-depth question that you already know the answer to and he has no idea how to respond He's not the guy to hire.
If you do things like this there's a lot of guys online doing this now I could do it easily but I'm retired I'm done with this s*** and done with helping people but there are guys you can find if you look online but like I said a lot of them are scam artists I mean you can look on YouTube and find these idiots that have a little bit of abs barely and people are going goggle over and I'm like what the f*** the big deal Guy looks like s***. And don't necessarily go by how the person looks how the person looks now makes no difference at all. Actually how the person looked at his best makes no difference. Just because somebody looks good doesn't mean he can be a kick ass coach. I'm making analogy say it's Derek Jeter He was an all-time great shortstop right He's going into the Hall of Fame or her Eddie did on the first pallet He was an above average defensive player and a great offensive player and an awesome clutch hit. He could do all those things does that mean he could coach somebody else hell no He could be the worst coach in the f****** world. It's the same with bodybuilding you could get Ronnie Coleman as your trainer or a coach and just disintegrate cuz hes horrible. So basing on who you hire and how he looks is just dumb like if you go find the guy who looks the best in your gym and approach him and offer him $500 or whatever to train you that's just ludicrous because that just cuz he looks good does not mean he knows anything and means that he probably has a good genetics and he's been banging s*** doesn't mean he knows anything else but that. Anyway good luck to you

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