Are you metabolically flexible ... ?


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Aug 20, 2012
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I’m reading it. Slowly.

What is “stability training”????

You have to realize that books like that are written for a broad gen pop audience. Your weight training is likely far more than what the average Joe Normal needs to be doing. As a result, a lot of the stuff in that book isn’t as critical to you, me or anyone else here. So take it in with a firm understanding of who that book is written for. Guys like this:
Agreed, books are written for a wide audience and I listen / read many books ... this one has more insights from my perspective than most ... by convering the science of longevity it covered a number of topics I was unaware of .. such as high VO2 max had a direct link to longevity and the fact it could be improved rapidly and how to do it ... plus things like grip stength, sleep, mental health all were more imporant than I previously realized ... did you know that 1 night of poor sleep could through off you metabolism ... or the poor sleep or not enought sleep over years and decades could be a factor in alzheimer's desearse / dementia - I did not ...

This IS NOT a book telling you how to exercise or which diet you should be eating ... it is general information on a wide variety of topics that promote overall health and longevity ... and with a number of folks here in their mid 40's or older I figured many would appreciate it ... so I'm not drinking any Koolaid but I have appreciated the scientific approach explaining some of the more recent research on these important longevnity topics ...