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Oct 21, 2021
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So my gear mentor disappeared/moved and left me hanging. After prescribing me a successful first cycle over the winter, he loaded me up with a bunch more stuff. But he never told me what the next cycle should include. My goal is to retain as much lean muscle as possible, but cut up as best as can. I've increased my cardio, lightened up on the weight/increased reps and in caloric deficit. Now what for the gear? Any help is good help, and if you can include your recommendations for frequency, length of cycle and amounts, that would be awesome. I have done some research but need other opinions.

Here is what I have to work with:

For Pinning:
Deca 250
Mast 100
Equipoise 300

Tablet form:
Letrozole 2.5mg tabs
Primo 25mg tabs
Clen 20mcg tabs


I currently take T-Cyp, HCG and Anastrozole (and have for 10 years).

Thanks in advance

In all seriousness all the joking aside. Test is king! Cut, bulk, recomp...... Test.

How are your markers going into this? When was your last round of blood work? At the end of the day we all do some dumb shit. Just don't let it fuck up your health.

Also. This thread is gold!

Also.....only put more weight on the bar, not less

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