Looking for advice to convert my daily random pushup/pullup/dumbell daily "workouts" to an actual workout schedule

Jan 25, 2023
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Hello all,

For about two months I've been casually working out using mostly body weight, pull up bar, and a single adjustable dumbell (willing to upgrade once I know what I'm doing). There is so much out there on the internet, it's overwhelming trying to put it all together and formulate the best plan given what I've been doing so far.

I started out for a few weeks just doing pushups and planks, roughly every (or almost every) hour, shooting for anywhere between 6-10 sets. I don't have a good starting level for pushups, since I wasn't going to fail. But now I'm up to about 18 push up each hourly set with 2.5' elevated legs, all with good form. My next progression was roughly three feet, but the discomfort in my elbows/shoulders was too much before I even felt like I was engaging my muscles. This could be due to form, as I noticed it was very uncomfortable to keep my elbows in, or a maximum of 45 degrees like the lower elevation. Planks I can do 2 minutes relatively easily and have started putting my arms further forward making that 2 minutes much more difficult to achieve.

The last 3-4 weeks, I've added a pull up bar (now I try and rotate days between pullups and pushups, and still shoot to plank most days). I started out not even able to do 1 pull up, and maybe 1.5 chin ups. The progression started with reverse pull ups (not sure if that's what it's called, but starting with my chin above the bar, and lowering myself). Now I'm up to roughly 3.5 pull ups or 6 chin ups (every other set I hold for 5 seconds, and then I'm roughly 2 pull ups, 3.5-4 chinups). Since the pullups are much harder than the pushups, I'm not doing them on the hour, I just try and get in 4-5 sets throughout the day.

The last week I've added a single dumbbell, and on my pushup days, I've added curls (4 sets of 10 each side at 29 lbs), bench dips for triceps (4 sets of 10), and I don't even know, just whatever I can think of for my shoulders. These just got random, no rhyme or reason as to when. I just try to squeeze in 3-4 sets, 3-4 times throughout the day when I have freetime.

I think I'm at the point where I've overwhelmed myself, and don't know if anything is interfering with each other, or if I'm missing anything, or if the hourly single set "workouts" are less effective? I feel like maybe I'm not getting enough chest as I'm not really feeling any soreness from the pushups. I don't know if I should be doing more shoulder stuff, or the pullups/pushups are enough? I guess I'm looking for advice on how I can convert the current stuff I'm doing into a more effective workout, whether it's one singular more intense workout each day, or added exercises, or even stopping some exercise that interfere with others I'm doing that day. I know I need to add in leg workouts, but I'm currently rehabbing both knees which limit just about any leg workouts I try.

Edit: I wouldn't mind experimenting with more body weight stuff such as pike hold or pike push up, but again I'm starting to get overwhelmed with when/where I should add them in or if dumbbell workouts would be a better starting point.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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