Random thoughts on DNP

Jan 27, 2012
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I really like DNP. Nothing beats it for fat loss.

Try to make your cycle in cooler weather. I'm on right now and we're having a beautiful Indian Summer in my neck of the woods. 81 yesterday, so I'm sweating like a whore in church.All.Day.Long.

DNP dose is weight dependent. Use 200-250 for a few days to gage tolerance. Go to 500 if you're ok. Benadryl can be taken if you have a reaction (usually a rash), but I can't even imagine how tired that would make you.

Try to space your doses but I recommend NOT taking after 6p.m. or so, the night sweats will be worse than Tren. Seriously.

Some guys like to carb-deplete before embarking on a DNP cycle, others like to do so during cycle. I don't care, and I eat every type of food I can get my hands on, it helps me sweat greatly.

High carb foods will bring the heat, you'll feel it not long after you eat (1-2 hours).
You can plan on losing 1-2lbs. eod. For sure.
Another thing that will bring night sweats is eating right before bed. Especially carbs.
Drink water like there's no tomorrow. Another excellent beverage on DNP is V8.
Try to eat a lot of antioxidant foods, like fresh fruits and veggies. I really like blueberries, oranges, pineapple, etc.
Eat plenty of high fiber foods, like oatmeal. DNP usually softens your stools. Gives you gas too, hahaha.
Don't be afraid to use gear while on DNP. No valid reason not to.

No alcohol or rec drugs (Xanax, ecstasy, etc.) DNP will lay you low and you don't need other energy robbing compounds.
Make sure to keep up on your supps like protein shakes, multi-vitamin, etc. Green Tea is a good beverage also.
Any kind of antioxidant supp, food or drink is going to help.
You should shorten your w/o's, you're going to burn 150% of calories that you absorb all day anyway, so take it easy on cardio also. DNP makes some a bit dizzy, so take it easy. I'd keep cardio going, but only 20-30 minutes at a time.

DNP is evil in the way it blunts thirst, while at the same time doing the cruel trick of bloating your body with water WHILE dehydrating you from water in your organs. MAKE yourself drink. Always follow DNP exercise with antioxidants, carbs, and this is a good time to use your multivitamin.
DNP does NOT cause cancer, it's actually being synthesized as an anti-cancer agent. There are really no known disorders, diseases caused by DNP if you keep the doses in check. I don't advise anyone going over 1g/day. I won't go over 500mg's, myself.
You will lose weight up to 4 days or so after you stop your DNP run, so don't think you're done losing on the day you stop. DNP accumulates in your body.
That's about all I can think of for now, anyone else with DNP experience please share.


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Mar 30, 2018
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i take xanax every night on dnp for sleep


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Dec 3, 2020
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Up to 1 gram per day! Holy crap!

My staples are PowerADE Zero and pineapple. I do low carb and drink all day. I prefer the sides at night, so that coworkers and others have less to notice.

You omitted a critically important fact: Unlike most substances, the half life of DNP is thought to be 36 hours. This causes the concentration in your body to increase day over day. People who take say 200mg / day and feel little effect after several days and suddenly decide to increase will get their asses kicked out of the blue.

Also, you said that there are no sides if dosage is kept in check. Okay, what is "in check?" The two biggest sides are cataracts (reported mostly in women) and peripheral neuropathy (aka PN) which is serious, debahilating and may be permanent. The problem with PN is that, by the time the symptoms show up, it's too late. Fortunately it's not particularly common, or so it seems from reading anecdotal evidence.

Because sources are completely unregulated, you should never assume that dosage x from source A will impact you the same as the same dosage from source B, and in fact even from the original source. In fact, when getting another supply even from the same source, it's best to approach it like it's the first time and use caution.

Finally, in my humble opinion, it's best to have the DNP unmixed with anything else, so that you can weigh it and know exactly how much you're taking.

Go slow, be careful, and track absolutely everything including your daily body temp.

My 2 cents.