Refeeding on a cut/Prep

Oct 22, 2021
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How often do you guys (Bodybuilders) refeed on a prep?

Week 5 of a 9 week prep (I know, not enough time... but it's a friendly/small comp, so it's just practice)
Went from 245 to 218
Target to achieve my look 200

Man I'm struggling to get through, as expected, caloric requirements are dropping and I'm thinking about a refeed. before I go into the final 4 weeks.

I've done prep before in my twenties... but with lots of gear.. and I was young lol.
Now I'm low gear and busted.

Also, no coach right now, just trying to figure it out myself temporarily.
I mainly powerlift, but I have a torn glute and I aggravated a Herniated disk.. wo I csnt lift... so I kinda figured, "Fuck it, contest prep" so when I bounce back from injuries I can come back at a lighter class.

Any advice is helpful
Thanks in advance