What is your "why" for lifting?

Oct 18, 2022
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My “why’s” have changed drastically through the decades. Starting off in high school it was the first time I ever realized hard work pays off. I mean I saw how what I did in the off-season weight room paid off on the field. I went b4, and stayed after school to work out.

In my 20’s I will be honest… mostly about the pussy. Nothing quite like getting mauled by groups of women when you go to the bar.

I’m in my early 40’s now. Started a few months ago in the worst shape of my life. And make no mistake about it. I’m gonna get into the best shape of my life. This time around it’s just to prove to myself that I can do it. Sure better health, liking how u look, yada yada…. Is great. But truth is I wanna give it my best shot and prove to myself I got what it takes.
Nov 22, 2013
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This story is prob one a lot of you know all too well I assume.

My first why? That one is easy. I've been a fatboy most my entire life. I used to get picked on and beat up by my older brother and his friends. It seemed normal enuf cause they all were very athletic high school kids. I physically was dominated and I knew it. Just figured this is how life goes.

Then I got to high school about 2 years later and I began experiencing something foreign that first year. Kids my own age were trying to intimidate me. Even a couple random older kids but mainly my own age. Now I wasn't used to this because it just didn't happen until then besides my brother etc. Due to me being a fatboy, I was very underestimated. This lead to people wanting to bully me and it was absolutely not happening, at any level for me. It lead to a few fights in and out of school and I knew the only way it was gonna change is if I was more muscular looking. I think I was suspended twice that year from fighting at school. A third one deemed I was just defending myself and only the other dude got suspended lol.

Enter 9th grade summer and I hit the weights. Hard. I had the plastic ones with cement in them. Had one of those benches with the leg ext/curl on it. I didn't know about diet back then so I focused on protein and low fat diet as much as possible. I went and did HIIT before I even knew it was a thing. I loaded up my back pack with those weights and ran sprints around the block every night after my day runs. I transformed over summer from a fat kid to a much more muscular fatish kid.

When I showed up at school sophomore year playing football, the attitude around me shifted completely. I got what I wanted. Not many kids were fucking with me anymore. The ones that did were usually older and I was absolutely ready lol. There was one altercation in the varsity locker room with a senior and one fight the rest of my high school time.

My JV locker was right next to the varsity entrance and a senior wanted to pull me in there to give me a wedgie or some dumb shit, I can't really remember. I knew I wasn't having it and elbowed my way around to face him and he tried to pull my head down to knee me. it grazed my forehead and I gave a huge right hook that barely missed. At that point the other players broke it up but I wanted to kill that mfer. It took about a week but that same dude came back to me and said I earned respect for not backing down. He prob would have kicked my ass Idk but he was much taller than me but about the same weight. I didn't let him know that tho and if he did, he wasn't going to walk away injury free himself lol.